·  The candidate sits in front of a computer and the questions are presented on the monitor and the candidate submits his answers through the use of key board or mouse.
·  The computer is connected to the server, which delivers the test, in real time through a reliable connectivity.
·  The online tests are conducted at several centers in India, during May-June every year
·  Candidate can choose the center, the date and time for the test, as per his/her convenience, while applying for the tests.
·  The advertisement calling for applications are normally released in December.
·  The score is made available to the candidate on the screen immediately after the test and thus is designed to be transparent.
·  The test will have Physics, Chemistry, English Proficiency and Logical reasoning, and Mathematics/Biology parts and is of 3 hours duration.
·  All questions are of objective type (multiple choice questions) and based on NCERT syllabus.
·  The test is so designed that it doesn’t require the candidate to have any special computer skill.
·  A sample test is made available to the registered candidates at the BITS Website on which he/she can practice as many times as desired.
·  The questions are selected at random from a large question bank. Different candidates will get different question sets, but of same difficulty level and content.
·  BITSAT uses latest technologies for security and test delivery. The architecture uses high end servers, microsoft software platform, firewalls and Virtual private networks.