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Chemistry is very important part of science. It is very scoring subject. But due to unplanned study, most of the students fail in this subject. Then, what is the reason that most of the students score very bad in Chemistry in spite of this scoring subject. Let us try to find out the reason.
Generally, we see up to 10th level science is the part of syllabus (i.e. English, Hindi, Mathematics, Physical education etc.). So the difficult level of science is same for all the students up to 10th level. Because up to this level, it has only a few formulae, numerical, Reactions etc. So they can do it by cramming and hardworking. So, average students can also go through science subject easily by doing hard-work. Moreover in today’s scenario, due to grading system, a student can easily go to the next level. According to his/her choice, every student chooses his/her next carrier option. Some select Medical and Engineering stream in class 11th with combinations PCB and PCM both. At this time of choice, most of the students face problem in Chemistry. There are few reasons behind it, which are as follow:

  • Time Management: Mostly, the reason behind the reducing marks is time management. Because at this level, students are unable to adjust time perfectly and don’t have timing for sports and for revision. At least, a student should have minimum one hour for revision so that a student can recognize at least new formulae, new symbols and new notations. Because in Chemistry, there are so many symbols of elements and molecule which come again and again. If once a student understands these symbols, he/she can overcome so many difficulties in Chemistry. These symbols are (ψ, ф, ß, µ, σ, α, ρ etc). When a student enters new stream, his/her time table should be like that he gets at least one hour for revision.
  • Unplanned Study: If we are not regular or do self study, especially in Chemistry, then it is not right for us. Because every new topic is big and conceptual in Chemistry and is related to previous one. If previous is not clear, then new topic can’t be understood and so on.
  • Notes: To be good in Chemistry, a student should inculcate the habit of preparing notes because during exams, the self prepared notes are very beneficial. We should prepare the notes in a manner like if we have fifty pages of N.C.E.R.T we should cover it into twenty pages through notes. In our self prepared notes, the following are points which should be considered.
    • All the definitions
    • SI units
    • Derivations
    • Numerical formulae
    • Application based list
    • Previous year question

It takes only 3 to 4 hours in a week to prepare the notes by considering all the points. It doesn’t take so much time. I am telling you with my personal experience. Secondly, you should prepare it only in a single bulky note book, not in pages because it is very difficult to manage pages.