‘How to prepare and attempt exam’ is a big question for many students. How to revise chapters a few days before or during the examination always keep bugging the pupils. Anxiety and nervousness rule their mind. Thus, solution lies in getting rid of negative traits and focusing in studies. Some tips provided below will help you to overcome the exam pressure for better preparation. 

Advice on Exam Preparation By Mr. K.K.Jha

Know The Reasons Of Your Anxiety
First try to know why you become anxious during the exam time. Either it is the result of lack of preparation or due to test fear. If the lack of preparation is the reason then it is a rational response. However, if anxiety appears due to overthinking, overreacting or panic, in that case it is an irrational response. Once you find the reason you will be in a better position to work on the problem.  

How To Be Ready For Examinations:
Days before exam are the revision time.  A few advices are given below on how to handle anxiety and be ready for coming tests. 

  • Are you one of those people who believe in cramming? Avoid this habit as soon as possible. Studying intensively just before semester end or final exam is not a good practice. Cramming cause stress and make difficult to learn study materials. 
  • Review and revise all the notes. Do not go for a detail learning process just before tests. Instead of trying to learn all from books, refer your notes.
  • Frame questions that can be asked in exam. Try to get answers from lectures, books and notes.
  • If you feel that it is difficult to prepare for all the topics, choose one in which you can do well and practice.  

Bring A Change In Attitude 
Is exam fear an attitude problem? The answer is ‘definitely yes’. Many students take the examination too seriously, as if their career and whole life depend on such tests. Bring a change in your attitude. Your future doesn’t depend on one or two exam. This change in thinking will help greatly in the study. Go through some advices written in attitude change. 

  • There will be more tests to face ahead, so, don’t take a single test as judgement for your life ahead. Study in relax and calm.
  • Think positively. Think about the hard work you have done throughout the year and think of those concepts that you know already. 
  • Figure out the area of self-improvement to achieve better grades in the next semester. 
  • Once the exam is over reward yourself. 

You Cannot Afford To Forget The Basics 
Remember you are not only exam taker but also a human being. When you are studying don’t forget the basic things you require.  

  • Take proper food, do exercise and enjoy outdoor games. 
  • Take a good sleep. A tired mind cannot function well.
  • After complete preparation do some relaxing work.

Reach to exam hall at least 15 minutes early. Do not go through the notes minutes before the test.  
Follow aforesaid steps and score excellent grades.

                                                        Best of Luck!