Online teaching enables travel-free education for both students and tutors. It helps both students and teachers to reach across the globe and find the right person at the right price which is not always possible in face to face tutoring. We live in a digital world. So many students prefer online tutoring for various reasons.

Tools for online Classes of Chemistry

  1. Skype

Skype is one of the most awesome tools which you can use to talk and teach. It’s free and has better sound quality than most other tools, paid or free. Video quality is again better than most other options.

2. Online Whiteboards

Online whiteboards are just like whiteboards and blackboards in the real world. I can write or draw online and it would be visible to the students in real time. I can write on a virtual whiteboard while talking on Skype and it feels as if you are actually in the same room. It’s really as close as it gets to real world.

3. Digital pen

Digital pen is basically a fancy mouse. Everybody doesn’t need a digital pen. It’s helpful when I am teaching a subject which needs lot of writing or drawing. Chemistry subjects is the best examples where digital pen is a must.
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