Stage 1

This stage of class starts from the beginning in which we cover up entire syllabus. We start teaching from the very first topic of the subjects and cover till the last. I cover each and every topic related to course.

Stage 2

After the successfully completion of stage one classes, we start second session in which we cover topics of 11th class which make the students clear from each and every small understanding of each topic in relevant subjects. Attention of every student makes us eligible to qualify problem of each student and then we provide better solution of that problem.

Stage 3

Classes of stage three are started after the completion of Stage 2. In this session we mostly revise all the topics and syllabus of Class 11th examination. I also cover up each and every expected question coming in forthcoming entrance examination.

Test classes

We conduct test classes after completion of every topic and chapter. I also conduct test classes as module test half syllabus test and final test after the completion of entire courseware and syllabus.

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