Study Tips for Students By Mr. K.K.Jha

want to develop a good study habit? Start Now!!! It is never too late or too early to practice studying. Many schooling students don’t know the effective methods to study – a most common barrier which hampers the academic growth of the pupils.  

Here are some suggestions to follow. Apply these tips in your daily life. The sooner you work on the advices, the easier will be for you to improve academic records.

  • Find A Suitable Place And Set A Time

A comforting place could be your bedroom, a small workstation at home or library. It should be free from any kind of distraction. Select your space and study time. Remember to remain stick with both. 

  • Include Reading And Learning In Every Day Habit

Study daily at least for one hour or two. It will help you in reviewing the lessons during the exam time and saves you from eleventh hour damages. Besides, such practice aids in gaining comprehensive knowledge on any topic and lasts long. If you find difficulty in setting harmony between other activities and learning session, then cut some time from study but not all. 

  • Make A Full Proof Plan To Set A Time

If you come out with an idea on "how to utilize the assigned hours of time to study", you will transform into an achiever. Know how to do it. 

Follow the steps:
Set Alarm – Alarm acts like regular reminder, it helps you to remain honest with study plans and keep you on track. 
Use a Wall calendar – The wall planner can do magic. Mark all important dates, like class tests, assignments and exam dates.  
Prepare an Action item List – Make a To-Do list for a week or on a daily base. Divide the work in the list in manageable chunk.  It will bring clarity in managing study time. 
Set Time Limits – have a habit of looking at To-Do list before starting the study. Calculate how much time should be given for each task. For instance, give time of 30 minutes to revise a chapter from chemistry subject in 30 minutes. If you are unable to finish it in 30 minutes you can think on continuing or leave it to start working on another action item.

  • Get Acquaint With Your Learning Style

Do you know your learning style?  Everyone has adopted different ways of learning. Anyone mentioned below could be yours. 

Are you an auditory learner – You enjoy learning by listening. So, make notes, read them loud, and discuss them with classmates and friends. What about recording your notes and playing them. 
 Are you a tactile/kinesthetic learner – You are a person who believes in learning by doing. Use the techniques of role playing and building models. It will prove fruitful in memorizing important points.
Are you a visual learner – You can learn better by seeing things. So, make colourful notes and draw diagram to remember key points. You can recollect ideas as images.

  •  Revision of Chapters

Select a day in a week to revise all the chapter. This method will assist you in remembering all the concepts and keeping them fresh in your mind.  

Make a list of question and ask to your family member or friend to take questions/ answer session. It is an excellent way to brush up your concepts. Another technique of creating your own study material will assists in revising, and you can reuse them during exam time.

  • Take Small Breaks During Study

Do you know working for long can decrease performance? It is very essential to take short breaks when you are studying. Take a sip of coffee or tea, take a walk or just relax at least for 5 to 10 minutes. You will feel fresh and energised to sit for study again.

  • Need Assistance, Ask for Help

If you are unable to solve some problem ask teacher or friends for help. They can give you enlightening ideas on various topics.

  • Motivate Yourself

Study reminds you why you are learning all these things at all. You know all learnings will help you in shaping your future course and career. Therefore, keep the space of study neat and clean. Decorate it with motivational quotes, photos of family members and legendary people.  

  • Use Online Education Tools

Opening a book and highlighting the key points is not the only thing you can do in the age of education technology. You can find numerous online tools to make learning easier. A few such examples are online study planners, audio & video resources and mind maps. Take the advice of teachers and friends for making use of Educational Apps.

  • Take Care of Your Health 

Focusing too much on study is not enough. Taking care of health is the most vital. Without good food, sleep and play activities you would not be able to cope with the pressure of studies. Exercise daily, drink lots of water and don’t take too much junk food. A healthy mind can only help in memorizing the concepts fast.