Regular Tests – Progress Tracker
At Chemistrysir classes, four different types of tests are conducted. All of these tests are conducted at CBSE board and competitive level.
The Self Evaluation Tests (SETs) are used by students as a tool to judge their grasp and preparation of a topic before actual examination. SETs also help to revise topics after the lectures and also increase retention period of key concepts.
The Fortnightly Tests motivate students to keep their pace with classrooms and to identify their strong/weak areas and give a handle on silly mistakes which could have easily avoided.
The Phase Tests provide student firsthand experience of real time test environment, overall position, subject-wise marks and position, subject-wise percentile, overall percentile. These test scores are also used to reassign the batches as per the need. These tests score help in strategising future preparations and may also work as motivational boosters.
The Chemistrysir classesAll India Test Series gives an opportunity to judge preparation among a larger set of students varying from pass-out to dropper students across India. These tests help students in getting used to exam pattern, time management strategies.