Mr K.K.Jha try to make chemistry as easy as playing ball and pave students to succeed in competetive exams like IIT-JEE, NEET, AIPMT, other state level engineering & Medical entrance examinations. Our goal is to unearth the hidden talent in students & make them stronger in fundamentals and more competitive. MR JHA creates an environment that inspires students to recognise & explore their own potentials, build up confidence in themselves and nourish their minds for a bright and enterprising future.
it is chemistry unique classes provides its innovative ways of learning physics. its unique Chemistry Course provides complete preparation for academic chemistry for students studying in Class XI & XII. Not only this K. K. Jha sir is also dedicated in bringing out the talents amongst the meritorious students by providing scholarship.
It delivers education in Chemistry in such a way that students realise use of chemistry in their daily life and though understanding and learning physics becomes easier. The environment at Chemistrysir classes gives the students liberty to learn chemistry, play chemistry and enjoy chemistry.
It is a unique institute of chemistry in India which wraps its course material in the easiest way possible so that students feel easy to grasp the subject matter. Students learn chemistry by realising the fundamental concepts not by rote.
Jha sir improvises the learning and understanding capabilities through its unique Reading Skills, Note Making Skills, Fast Revision Techniques and by boosting up the Imagination Power held inside every student. It believes and explores a fact that "Every child is special and talent inside them is hidden somewhere, someone has to help them to explode."